(...)'Quite perfect, the Duo M.Lilley & Courtes Young, when they pass their jugglingballs to, and as well steal them from each other. Their performance should be absolutely unique on stage. Now they're wrapped both in one and the same coat, impressing the audience with hidden and visible manipulation-tricks, without loosing sight of each other. Then intense looks draw through a juggling performance with clubs, dashing like strokes across the air. Virtuosity, precision and skill are just one side of this fascination, the other consists in their ravishing play of approach and defence, ardour and coldness, love and anger. Lilleys innocent-lascivious looks, her coquettish as farouche ways to flirt with her partner, let these acts appear as the highlight of the evening. Getting to see the old art of juggling performed in such a new and lively way happens very rarely.' (Translated into English from the German newspaper DEWEZET)

The encounter of M. Lilley & Cortes Young means a collusion between love and wrath. It is a perpetual flickering of joy and severity; a continual oscillation between enmity and amity.

A breathless showdown, arisen by their contradictory relation will toss the two protagonists back and forth about a battlefield of twisted emotions.

The everlasting alternation between devotion and pride leads to relentless trials of acting with and against each other. Concentration and spontaneity will be set in as agencies in a fight for resonance and control.

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